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Make sure your garden is colorful year-round, even in fall and winter. While flowers are always a popular choice for adding color, numerous other elements, such as vibrant foliage, stems, and berries, can also breathe life into your garden. Keep reading for ideas and inspiration, plus learn how to successfully move plants indoors for winter and get registered for our next webinar with Fergus Garrett!

Colorful berries on plants

Fall is the perfect time to plant most trees and shrubs. Discover 9 eye-catching shrubs and trees to brighten your fall and winter landscape and provide a welcome snack for birds and wildlife when other food sources are scarce.

dogwood, sweetspire, and hydrangea in fall

There’s more to shrubs than pretty spring and summer flowers or glossy green leaves. Many shrubs shine in fall and winter, providing dried flowers for arrangements, colorful stems once their leaves have fallen, or beautiful berries that invite wildlife to visit your garden—see 9 of our favorites! Pictured: Arctic Fire® Red red-osier dogwoodLittle Henry® sweetspire, and Bobo® hydrangea. Photos by: Proven Winners.

Two purple alliums side by side

Alliums are garden favorites known for their exquisite, round flowers topping stems that can reach 5’ tall. They look especially lovely planted between perennials where they add an architectural element to the border. Alliums are also a pollinator favorite and are deer resistant. Visit FlowerBulbs.com for inspiration and information. 

Meadow garden in the Hamptons

When designers at Oehme, van Sweden & Associates were challenged with the task of renovating a nearly 2-acre lot, they followed the tenets of less lawn, four seasons of interest, and environmental sensitivity. See what they did to make the homeowner say, “Before, I never went into the garden; now I am part of it.” Photo by Jason Dewey.

Wicked Hot coleus in container

When nighttime temperatures start dipping below 50 to 55 degrees F, it’s time to protect your more sensitive outdoor container plants. There are a number of plants that can, and should, be moved inside over winter—even in milder climates—such as coleus (pictured). Just follow a few basic guidelines and your plants will thank you for the extra care. Photo by: Proven Winners.

Fergus Garrett, Great Dixter
Working With Bulbs—The Dixter Way
with Fergus Garrett of Great Dixter
Saturday, October 21 @12PM EDT*

Dive into the world of bulb design with us, Dixter-style! Join us for our next webinar with Fergus Garrett, the genius behind Great Dixter’s beautiful and creative bulb displays. Discover their secrets of bulb selection, find out how they choose which areas become permanent plantings, and unveil the magic of their stunning temporary pot arrangements.

*Can’t attend live? All registrants receive access to the recording.