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Summer gardens are filled with long days of light, flowers blooming, and of course, heat—so why not make the most of it! Use the suggestions, tips, and guides below to find the perfect summer-loving plants and design your own colorful summer landscape. Plus, get inspired to share your love of gardening with the little ones in your life.

Purple flower container planting

Did you know that purple is the most requested color for the garden? Purple can evoke a variety of moods, from calm to excited. So if you’re wanting more of this amazing color in your garden, check out these 23 purple flowering plants that you’re gonna love.

Summer garden slope

Keith Wiley combines perennials, grasses, and mounding shrubs to create a garden that puts on its own summer fireworks show. Learn from his planting wisdom with these 9 tips and design your own colorful summer landscape. Photo by: Richard Bloom.

Summer containers and diagrams

Are your containers ready for a summer spruce up?  These 5 unique combinations are designed to bring out the best of each plant. We’ve even included planting diagrams and care instructions for each one to help you along the way. Photos by Jason Ingram. Illustrations by Josh Endres. 

For even more container inspiration, check out Designing Abundant Containers, an online course from container expert Karen Chapman, and you’ll be creating your own Pinterest-worthy containers in no time! 

Rockin Blue Suede Shoes salvia, Suncredible sunflower

If you’re looking for plants that can withstand the summer heat, look no further! These 20 annuals, perennials, and shrubs will not only look great in your garden, but are up for the challenges that summer brings. Order online or check your local garden center. Photo by: Proven Winners. 

Red, white, and blue flowers

Holiday Inspiration

Bring a patriotic theme to your garden for the 4th or even after! Check out these ideas for adding the perfect punch of red, white, and blue to your garden, porch, or patio: 

Top 10 Patriotic Container Recipes 
Patriotic Garden Smallscape Design  

Child planting strawberry seedling

Gardening can teach us so many things, such as responsibility, planning, respect for nature, and (if you’re anything like me) how to learn from our mistakes. Our friends at Garden Crossings put together 5 great tips for starting a garden with kids so they can experience the wonder of watching something they planted grow! 

See more garden-related crafts and activities for children.

Summer Growing Tip: The extra water your containers and hanging baskets require in summertime washes nutrients out of the soil quickly, so don’t forget to fertilize your hard-working summer annuals often with a good water-soluble fertilizer. You can even do it weekly when it’s really hot. 

Happy Gardening!