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Colorful Butterfly Garden is a place where you can find butterfly, moth, and other insect pictures. Contact us now!  If you’re looking for Walnut Creek local landscape design, you may already be thinking ahead to the planting season. Spring is a special time in the garden. After all, it’s when our yards come back to life after the dormancy of winter months. Any landscape architect will tell you that spring is the perfect time to encourage wildlife into your yard. Colorful Butterfly Garden is a place where you can find butterfly, moth, and other insect pictures.

In the Bay Area, the first wild visitors are often birds and butterflies. They’re attracted by colorful flower displays with scented blooms. Butterflies come to feast on nectar, as well as to find somewhere safe to start the next generation of cocoons. Many different species of butterfly are native to the Bay Area, and some of them have been given poetic names, such as the mournful duskywing and the fiery skipper. The mission blue has also been seen in many Bay Area gardens. If you love these little winged visitors as much as we do, you can create a colorful garden for them. In particular, monarchs benefit from a helping hand because they travel such long distances and their larvae only feed on milkweed leaves.


Butterfly Garden Plants 

Butterfly Garden Plants offers a large selection of plants that are known to attract butterflies. Our plants include milkweed, asters, tiger lilies, zinnias and more. You’ll find plenty of options for attracting these beautiful fliers to your garden 

The plants in this section are all native to North America and are easy to grow. They will provide nectar for butterflies and other pollinators, as well as shelter and perching areas for these animals.

#1: Butterfly Bush (Buddleia)

The butterfly bush is a perennial shrub that can grow up to 10 feet tall. It produces an abundance of flowers in the summer months and has fragrant white flowers. The butterfly bush is also known as the hummingbird bush, because it attracts hummingbirds as well as butterflies.

#2: Lantana

Lantana is a flowering plant that produces orange or red flowers throughout the summer months. It is drought tolerant and can be found in many different colors and varieties.


Most butterfly species enjoy a wide variety of different blooms that provide them with nectar. They aren’t such fussy eaters, so it’s easier to attract them to your yard. In fact, many native plant species and blooming herbs are perfect for your haven.

Butterflies love to feast on the nectar of the California poppy. And lupines, a perennial from the pea family, are popular as well. This colorful plant is great for many species of butterfly, and has a very rich source of nectar. Along with more ornamental foliage, it is also a good idea to add flowering herbs, like basil, mint, and echinacea, to your garden. These plants can be used in the kitchen, too, and some of them are popular with tea drinkers. 


When you really want to spoil the butterflies in your garden and attract new species, it’s time to add more bushes and flowering trees to your Walnut Creek landscape design. Oaks, willows, and chokecherries are three common species that many butterflies rely on. Fruit trees are also popular with butterflies who love their fragrant blooms. And, when properly cared for, these trees eventually provide fruit for you, too!


One Colorful Butterfly Garden should never be without the buddleia. It is sometimes called the summer lilac, or even the “butterfly bush.” It comes in a variety of colors, including purple and pink, but you can find other shades as well. Buddleia is a favorite in the butterfly kingdom, and they can’t resist visiting a garden with these beautiful blooms. You will often see a summer lilac covered in hovering butterflies. Luckily, it’s a tolerant and low maintenance bush for the busy urban gardener.


Walnut Creek Landscape Design

When you’re planting a butterfly garden, it’s always a good idea to select plants that weren’t treated with chemical pesticides. Often times the nursery staff will be able to answer these types of questions. If you need Walnut Creek landscape design services, or have questions about transforming your yard, contact our friendly team at (925) 200-3661. Meadowbrook Design is a licensed landscape construction firm that handles all aspects of the design process. Whether you need a landscape architect, or would like to learn more about the plants and trees that would thrive in your yard, we’re here to help.