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By: Garden Design

Before we “meet” again, it will officially be fall—the season of changing leaves and pumpkin spice everything! It’s also time to get a jump-start on next year’s garden with colorful trees, beautiful bulbs, and maybe even a new, more relaxing, garden style. Get info on all of that and more in this week’s newsletter.

Japanese Maples

Electrify your autumn garden with the bold colors of Japanese maples. See 14 popular varieties—although there are literally hundreds in various sizes, shapes, and colors!

Zen Garden Design

If you’ve ever seen the movie Bad Boys II (and if you haven’t—you should!), you’ll understand what I mean when I say this garden brings the “whoosah”. The Urban Dictionary defines it as “a slang expression variously used to indicate or achieve a state of calm and relaxation.” Learn the basics of Zen garden design along with what should be included in your own whoosah-inducing outdoor space.

Spring Bulb Beauty Starts Now!

Plant, grow, and enjoy—that’s the gardening cycle. And, it usually it happens fairly quickly, unless you’re planting bulbs and have to wait until spring or summer for them to do their thing. If you have questions about planting bulbs, we’ve got you covered. Learn how, when, and where to plant these little packets of flower power. Plus, get the scoop on how to dig up and store them and a see a container-planting method that will get you months of flowers.

Make Planting Fun!

If you’re wondering how in the world you’re going to dig holes for all those beautiful bulbs you just read about, then you need a Twist ‘n Plant gardening auger. These solid steel augers are available in 3 sizes, allowing you to dig holes up to 24 inches deep! You can also use them to plant larger plants, as well as till soil or mix in fertilizer and amendments. Save time—and your back! Grab one (or 2) for yourself and a friend. They make great gifts!

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Don’t Sideline Your Side Yard

For many, the side yard is wasted space, but this little strip of land has the potential to become a highlight of your garden. Get ideas for transforming your own side yard from Lisa Orgler of Paper Garden Workshop. In addition to design, Orgler emphasizes functionality, prompting homeowners to think about how they use their space: Do you need to run a wheelbarrow through it? Does it get a lot of foot traffic? The thought of a neglected piece of land getting some love brings us joy!

Fall in Love with the High Sierra

Last chance—this Kickstarter ends 9/23!

Garden Design photographer (and all-around great guy!) Josh Endres shares his experiences, stories, and stunning photography from his treks through the High Sierra over the past 10 years in his new book, It Was Good. His hope is that his stories and photographs will inspire you to believe that your life is meaningful and intentional—just as these adventures did for him. Learn more about this beautiful book and how you can pre-order your copy now!