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It’s that time of year when we start looking ahead to exciting new possibilities. Are you dreaming of ideal plant companions or learning the secrets of a successful organic garden? Whether you envision a burst of colors in 2024 or seek guidance on fall-blooming bulbs, we’re thrilled to offer resources to help you achieve your garden goals. And, whatever those goals are, we’ll be right here to cheer you on!

David Culp winter garden containers

Join us at 6 PM EST* today as we welcome back one of our favorites, David Culp, to close out the 2023 webinar series. 

David will share his special insights on ways to celebrate the holiday season, in and out of your garden, with fall and winter tabourets and wreaths, growing bulbs indoors, and even some of his favorite garden-inspired recipes. David will also share his secrets on enjoying each step of the decorating process and making sure his garden is a winter haven for birds and other wildlife—all accompanied by the stunning photography by Rob Cardillo.

Don’t miss this chance to elevate your holiday season with the one and only David Culp. 

*Can’t attend live? All registrants receive access to the recording.


Do you ever wonder what plants would make good companions for your existing plants? Or, maybe you’re designing a brand new garden bed and know you want one of your favorite roses (or hydrangeas, or lavender) included, but you’re not sure what else to plant with it? We’ve got three new guides to help you attain your goal of creating garden beds where everyone gets along. 


Organic vegetable and flower garden

Another gardening goal you may have is to grow organically. More gardeners are choosing organic methods over synthetic ones, as they recognize the harm caused by artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Organic gardening is not only eco-friendly, but also leads to healthier plants. Wondering what organic gardening involves and how to apply these techniques in your own yard? Explore 10 basic keys for a successful organic garden.


Colorful garden border

As gardeners contemplate their 2024 garden, we suspect that adding more color will be near the top of the list for many. It’s a goal that takes some work to attain, but it’s oh-so worth it. Here are 12 ideas for planning a garden that’s bursting with color. Photo by: Proven Winners. 

Also, be sure to check out these printable PDF charts: All-Season Color with Perennials & Shrubs


Rebecca Sweet - Fall-Blooming Bulbs video

Rebecca Sweet is back and sharing with us how she likes to address questions about what to plant and where to plant it—what she calls “the three W’s” of planting design.  of how she would use colorful fall-blooming bulbs to bring color and balance to three areas of her own garden.

When I’m talking about plants, or bulbs, I’ve come up with something called “the three W’s” which really makes it easy for people to sort of make these decisions about what to plant and where to plant it.

Gardener holding soil in hands
Building the Foundation of a Successful Garden

To help you achieve your garden goals, our friends at Proven Winners are putting together a series of newsletters over the next few months to give you the knowledge to grow a beautiful and healthy garden. November’s edition was all about soil—the real foundation of a healthy garden. Click the links below for the info shared:

Click here to sign up for the Winners Circle newsletter and get the next four lessons delivered right to your inbox. Topics include: Water (December), Light (January), Site Issues (February), and Plant Selection (March). 

Gardener's Gift Guide Collage

The gift-giving season is coming up fast. Find the perfect gifts for the gardeners on your list (or something for yourself!) in our holiday gift guide.