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Your yard is more than just a place to plant shrubs. Your outdoor areas can serve as a second living room, office, kitchen, playroom, and more – fully equipped with comforts that are usually found indoors. The current landscape trends listed in this article will help you if you’re thinking about updating your outdoor space so your friends and family can fully enjoy the weather all year round.


Following are the top current landscape trends for 2019:


Smart Lighting

With more solar and LED options available, you have the opportunity to install extensive smart lighting around your home. Proper lighting will give your favorite shrubs and trees an entirely new look and also extend the hours you spend in your garden, hence optimizing your relaxing, social, and wine drinking time.

Fire Pits and Fireplaces

As more and more families strive to create an outdoor oasis in their own backyard, fire pits and fireplaces continue to be a key part of landscaping trends. Modern fire features resemble a basic campfire and allow you to enjoy the company of your family and friends. They’re a great way to generate heat and light while creating an ambiance so you and your family can still be outdoors in the colder months.

Create Different ‘Rooms’

One of the top landscaping design trendsnow is creating separate gathering and entertaining spaces. Depending on the function of the area (sitting, reading books, eating, etc.), patio space can be defined and separated. You can keep the areas separate by using low walls, varying elevations, and plantings. Just make sure there is a good balance. Different ‘rooms’ in your outdoor space will encourage your family to live in your landscape instead of just admiring it.

Create a Private, Secluded Oasis

A private, secluded oasis within a larger garden can feel like a getaway. The practice of creating a quiet, private space to relax, meditate, or read is growing more and more in popularity as people are prioritizing mindfulness and finding different ways to unwind. You can easily create a private, secluded oasis by providing seating for two, including a simple water feature, building a wall to separate the small space from the rest of the garden, surrounding the space with lush plants, and more.

Purple Plantings

Purple is a naturally rare color in plants, and is highly complimentary to green. Introduce colorful accents with purple-colored flowering herbs such as Thai Basil, Rosemary, and Lavender grown in clay pots. Mix purple flowers in among the others. If you have wooden furniture or fencing, give them a brand-new look by sanding them down and splashing a coat of eggshell blue paint, which makes green look extra lush. It’ll complement the color of the surrounding green plants.

Grow Your Own Fruit and Vegetables

The feeling you get when you grow your own fruit and vegetables is indescribable. Rolling up your sleeves and planting some tasty treats is a gardening rite of passage these days. Patio herbs, veggies, and fruits are on the rise! Miniature fruit bushes, tomatoes, herbs, and salad greens grow well in boxes on patios and balconies and cost a fraction of the supermarket price as well. Pumpkins, squashes, and legumes are a great option if you want to save some space.