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We’re in the middle of May, and it’s starting to get warmer outside. This is a great time to look at what’s in style, look at the trends, and evaluate your landscape.

Here are five trending landscape design ideas you may want to adopt.


Landscape Design Trends


1. Make it Green

One of the major landscape design trends is the use of greenery such as shrubs and healthy grasses, putting aside flowers and leaves of other colors. When implementing greenery in your landscape, start with any lawn that you have. You want to make sure that you’re seeding and watering your lawn properly throughout the year. Think about combining greenery features of different textures so that you can add some dimension to your landscape. And don’t be afraid to combine different shades and hues because the more green variety, the lusher and healthier it will seem. 


2. Climate Control

No, landscaping can’t control the weather. But landscaping elements can work with Mother Nature to ensure comfort in all the seasons. Wind-blocking walls, gazebos, retractable awnings, fire pits and patio heaters can help you enjoy your outdoor space. There are many tools you can use to create comfort in all kinds of weather conditions.


3. Make a Splash

“Water, it’s not just a small ‘sound’ feature. Everyone seems to be going for big pools. There are a lot of reflective qualities, and that’s what people are looking for,” says award-winning garden designer Alan Rudden. Recent garden shows featured elements of water, from smooth-sided stepped plunge pools and spiral metal chutes to more subtle water fountains in black stone dishes. 

Rainscapes were trending at the North Carolina Green Industry Water Symposium 2017. Capturing rainwater where it falls and soaking it in recharges local groundwater. Most important of all, it saves water. Some utility companies are even paying homeowners to save water. For instance California’s Montgomery County provides up to $2,500 per garden to motivate homeowners to recycle rainwater. 

“Wonders of the Water,” the theme of the 2018 Philadelphia Flower Show, reflects the same message of humans’ impact on water and water’s impact on humans. “From tree canopies to ground covers, slowing water down, filtering it with plants and creating areas to capture water before it hits the ground is essential to healthy water management,” says Sam Lemheney, chief of shows and events at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.


4. Imperfect Gardening

Wabi-Sabi is an ancient Japanese practice that appreciates imperfections in life and the ability to age gracefully. Wabi-sabi gardens imitate nature in a way that allows one to relax and appreciate their humble and imperfect forms.

People are creating imperfect gardens with natural, sustainable and locally sourced organic materials, according to designer Julie Blakeslee and Big Red Sun.

Homeowners are also turning to quality, natural materials, such as metal, stone or wood, over plastic, HGTV reports. You can repurpose objects such as old iron gates or gardening tools that will change over time and weather with the seasons.


5. Creative Lighting

It’s no longer enough to simply have path lights or a flood light. Now, landscapers and using more outdoor lighting options to their advantage. Using advanced technology, lawns are being lit with dynamic, colored lighting, and varied bulbs. Spreading the light around your landscape with purpose and perspective can transform it into something reminiscent of a dream. Homeowners are starting to utilize more moving and color-changing lights to create something more of a light show at home.

Landscape design is important for today’s homeowners. Landscaping helps beautify the entire area around your home, making your house more attractive as well. Good landscape design should take into consideration the details of the yard or garden and create a plan. This should reflect your tastes, your home’s style, and work with your life.

For more info on landscape design trends, or to start a landscape plan for your property, contact Meadowbrook Design today.