Meadowbrook Design in Pleasant Hill, CA

Ever imagined coming home to a perfectly landscaped front yard and inviting outdoor entertaining area? Want to cultivate the ideal garden balancing ecology and beauty but don’t know how? With over 35 years’ in the landscaping and gardening industry, Meadowbrook Design can develop innovative and creative solutions for your ideal landscape design in Pleasant Hill California.

Finding the perfect balance between nature and artistic design is at the heart of what landscape designers do. Meadowbrook Design works with your space and goals, balancing the natural environment and sustainability concerns to create an outdoor space you will love to live, play and entertain in. Meadowbrook Design understands that residents of Pleasant Hill and the wider Bay Area have particular environmental concerns that needs to be taken into account with landscape design. Meadowbrook Design’s years of varied experience in the Pleasant Hill and Bay Area environment have uniquely prepared them to find innovative solutions to landscaping challenges.

Meadowbrook Design works with you to identify the areas of improvement for your outdoor space and to help you envision the future of your space. From initial planning to project completion, Meadowbrook Design can help guide you through the landscape design process for your Pleasant Hill yard.

Landscape Design

Meadowbrook Design specializes in offering landscape design in Pleasant Hill that’s creative, innovative, beautiful and environmentally friendly. Meadowbrook Design captures your unique vision for your outdoor space and brings your project to life with accurate, professional plans. Whether your project is as small as one garden bed, or as large as a complete entertaining area design, Meadowbrook Design will work with you to achieve the ideal landscape.

Project Coordination

Planning your landscape design is one thing, but bringing your design to life in its full glory takes special time, effort and work. Meadowbrook Design can also act as your project coordinator to ensure you achieve the landscape design you’ve planned for. From choosing high quality materials for softscapes and hardscapes and using their industry contacts to source the highest quality contractors, Meadowbrook Design’s project coordination service can help you achieve outstanding landscape design results.

From the initial plans to the final design, Meadowbrook design can lead you through the landscape design process. Contact Meadowbrook Design today to find out how they can transform your Pleasant Hill yard with innovative landscape design.

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