Meadowbrook Design in Lafayette, CA

Stepping outdoors into your own private oasis is a landscape design goal many homeowners want to achieve. Offering professional landscape design and landscape project coordination in Lafayette, California, Meadowbrook Design is your local landscaping professionals to help you realize this goal. With over 35 years’ experience in the gardening and landscaping industry, the landscape design professionals at Meadowbrook Design know how to accomplish your goals for your yard and outdoor areas in an attractive and sustainable way.

One of the greatest concerns in Lafayette and the wider Bay Area is achieving an appealing and flourishing yard while upholding the goals of water conservation and environmental sustainability. An extensive familiarity with the unique needs of Bay Area gardens allows Meadowbrook Design to offer a unique range of expert landscape services specifically adapted to the local environment, and the client’s needs.

The greatest priority of Meadowbrook Design is to find the ideal solution to your landscape issues according to your unique preferences and needs. Meadowbrook Design work with you to provide ideas, suggestions and recommendations for the perfect landscape design.
Meadowbrook Design’s custom tailored services include –

Landscape Design

Meadowbrook Design’s landscape design services offer expert design for all outdoor spaces and landscaping projects in Lafayette. Whether it’s cultivating a flourishing flower bed, developing a low maintenance drip irrigation system, or engineering the perfect outdoor entertaining space, Meadowbrook Design creates outstanding results for projects both large and small.

Project Coordination

Meadowbrook Design can not only design your ideal landscape, but help oversee its fruition as well. Meadowbrook Design act as project coordinators by liaising between the homeowner and landscape contractor to ensure your project runs smoothly, and you achieve your ideal landscape result.

Offering complete landscape design services in Lafayette for every outdoor space, Meadowbrook design can help you create the ideal landscape you’ve always dreamed of.

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