Meadowbrook Design in Blackhawk, CA

Truly outstanding landscape design provides the feeling of entering a private oasis every time you step into your own backyard. Creating a functional, beautiful and environmentally friendly landscape is at the heart of Meadowbrook Design’s mission and goals. Offering years of experience and training in creating outstanding outdoor environments, Meadowbrook Design are your local landscape design experts in Blackhawk, California.

Residents in Blackhawk and the wider Bay Area love spending time outside and entertaining outdoors, especially as the weather warms up. Blackhawk homeowners also have unique concerns around creating beautiful, inviting gardens that are also drought-friendly and environmentally conscious. Meadowbrook Design works with these considerations and any other goals you might have to create your perfect, unique outdoors space. With more than 35 years’ experience working with gardens and landscapes in the Bay Area, Meadowbrook Design are uniquely positioned to address your personal landscape vision while balancing the wider environmental goals.

The experts at Meadowbrook design work one-on-one with you to address the particular concerns you may have with your Blackhawk landscape, while helping to bring your design vision to life.
Meadowbrook Design’s service range includes –

Landscape Design

Offering cutting edge design and innovative landscaping solutions, creating an outdoor space you’ll love to live in is Meadowbrook Design’s mission. Whether it’s redesigning a garden bed for greater plant health, creating a truly beautiful grass free ‘lawn’, or designing the ultimate outdoor entertaining playground, Meadowbrook Design have the specific skills and knowledge you need. Learn how to enjoy your outdoor space in Blackhawk by making the most of what you have with Meadowbrook’s inspired and creative design.

Project Coordination

Sometimes landscape design alone is not enough. You need a landscaping professional with an eye for detail to oversee your landscaping project to completion. Acting as project coordinator, Meadowbrook Design helps to ensure the plans for your new outdoor space are brought to life, exactly the way you envisioned them.

From an empty lot to an overgrown garden, Meadowbrook Design can work with any space to create your own outdoor retreat. Contact Meadowbrook Design now to talk about your landscaping plans and learn more about how professional landscaping design in Blackhawk can transform your yard and your lifestyle.

Contact us now by calling (925) 200-3661 or filling out our contact form now to learn more.