Landscape Design

“Green is the prime color of the world, and from which loveliness arises.”                                                                            –Pedro Calderon de la Barca

The design of your landscape is just as important as the design of your home. Just like a well-designed home, a skillfully and professionally designed landscape can bring character, atmosphere, style and greater functionality to your outdoor space. The goal of Meadowbrook Design’s landscape design service is to help you to create an outdoor space that can be truly lived in, enjoyed and celebrated.

The goal of landscape design is to expertly blend nature and culture to uniquely meet the needs of an outdoor space, and the people who use it. Meadowbrook Design integrates the full spectrum of artistic, practical, horticultural and environmental sustainability considerations to produce a well-rounded approach to landscape design.

Meadowbrook Design offers landscape design services that are perfect for any outdoor area or project, no matter how big or small. Meadowbrook Design’s diverse range of services cover every aspect of outstanding landscape design.

Garden Design

With over 35 years’ experience in horticulture and landscaping, garden design is an important aspect of Meadowbrook Design’s work. From crafting the perfect drought resistant garden to maximizing the sunlight and water availability in your space, Meadowbrook Design can help you to bring the best out of your garden and create an outdoor space that’s both outstandingly beautiful and functional.


With ongoing drought and water conservation efforts in the Bay Area, finding a sustainable way to keep gardens green and flourishing is more important than ever. Formulating plans for state-of-the-art drip irrigation systems is at the heart of effective landscape design. Meadowbrook Design carefully develops unique irrigation systems that require minimal cost and effort to maintain, and meet the precise needs of your garden. This allows you to have a low-maintenance, high-performance garden watering system that saves the precious natural resource of water, while giving you more free time to enjoy your garden.


Whether safely lighting a garden path or dramatically highlighting a feature fountain or garden bed, the right lighting can really bring your landscape design to life. Meadowbrook Design understands how lighting works with your outdoor space to perfectly illuminate your garden or outdoor entertaining area. Meadowbrook Design works with you to identify the best lighting angle, position and installation to highlight your landscape and create the ideal mood and ambience for your space.


For our clients, building the ideal outdoor environment often involves planning more than just gardens. Hardscapes are an essential complimentary part of every landscape to bring your overall vision to life. Whether its retaining walls, decks, patios, arbors, gazeboes, tile pathways, fountains or the ultimate outdoor entertainment area, Meadowbrook Design employs their experience and skill to harmoniously blend hardscapes and ‘softscapes’ for your ideal landscaping solution.

Outdoor Entertaining

The ultimate vision for many clients is building the ideal outdoor entertainment area: the perfect al fresco playground for a glass of wine as the sun sets. or the setting for a weekend grill with friends and family. With long warm days throughout the year and a casual and relaxed approach to entertaining, your Bay Area landscape is the perfect setting for outdoors entertaining. Let Meadowbrook Design work with you to capture an overall vision for a landscape that integrates fun, beauty, sustainability and practicality, creating an entertainment setting that allows you to truly enjoy the outdoors.
Our projects may be as small as designing flowerbeds that bloom all year or positioning a vegetable garden to maximize limited sun exposure to designing a landscape that includes an outdoor kitchen, pool, fountain, spa and designated play areas for both adults and children. While the size, scope and scale may vary, all of these landscape projects share a common goal: enhancing the quality of life.

Outdoor spaces to live in

Our clients increasingly are coming to us because they want to create outdoor spaces in which they can live and play. Here in the Bay Area, warm springs that extend late into the fall mean long months to enjoy the outdoors. Casual lifestyles mean families live not just in their homes, but on their decks and patios, in their pools and gazeboes. They love to grill and entertain in their outdoor kitchens. Landscape design is the craft of configuring these spaces so they are functional, beautiful, cohesive and sustainable.

Beauty and functionality need irrigation

We all want to see gorgeous foliage and serene panoramas, but there is always an underlying element of functionality with every landscape design project. Every garden, flowerbed and lawn needs water—even in these water-constrained times. Installing robust, carefully designed irrigation systems is a critical part of every landscape design project. We all remember dragging our hoses and sprinklers from one section of our yards to another; this was a high-maintenance, inefficient system, and we wasted a lot of water. Today’s state-of-the-art drip irrigation systems are designed to water just those areas that require moisture. They can be programed to know when a plan or lawn is dry and needs irrigation and it will automatically drip water on that area. Given our constrained water resources, irrigation systems are efficient and cost-effective ways to take care of your yard. Homeowners who work late and travel can leave home and be assured that they won’t return to dead plants and a brown lawn.

Lighting: an important part of landscape design

Just as a living room can be broken into intimate conversation areas, a yard can be divided into spaces for games, quiet conversation, an outdoor spa, cooking, dining and entertaining. Even as the days get shorter and the sun goes down, Bay Area evenings are often warm enough for these outdoor activities. But none of these activities is going to be successful without lighting. As designers, we encourage our clients to think of lighting as more than a functional requirement—it can be a decorative landscape element as well. Lighting can highlight a fountain, shrubbery, a sculpture, an arbor or a carefully laid pathway. Lighting the periphery of your yard extends the boundaries and makes your property appear larger and more dramatic. Meadowbrook Design works with our clients to identify the kinds of lights that are best suited to our clients’ landscapes and, just as in their homes, the mood and ambience they want to create. A landscape lighting schematic is also an important part of a home’s security system, and we always factor that into a lighting plan.


Most large landscape design projects on which we work involve hardscapes. We are often called upon to design retaining walls to shore up hillsides to prevent their cascading down and destroying carefully constructed yards, landscapes or even endangering the buildings on the property. Decks, patios, arbors, gazeboes, tile pathways and fountains are all hardscapes that our clients are increasingly interested in as enhancements for their yards. Stepping outside into a customized outdoor landscape is a wonderful lifestyle trend that we are helping many of our clients realize.